Make yourself at home, Flat Ritchie

Good things have all come at once. There was a wonderful surprise waiting for me at  home on Wednesday. The international jet setter Flat Ritchie had come to visit. Then, after parched months with only ears being treated to the magnificent one, it’s raining visual man – Armitage at Sundance.  And there will be Red Dragon con next weekend.

But first, I have to be a good host to FR. I’m not brave enough to include a video as Michelle did so I’m incognito.


My hair is really like this

And thanks so much Michelle for the kind extra present – I’m wearing part of it (not the candle).

It was nostalgic opening the box as it reminded me of the excitement on Christmas morning finding a pillowcase full of presents and tearing open all the packages. It also brought back memories of the terrifying responsibility of looking after the school gerbil for the weekend. What if I accidentally sit on the shrine or spill wine over the log book?


It was particularly touching looking at this, it is a beautiful object made with such detail and care by Guylty.  The messages reveal such warmth in our community.

And photos don’t do justice to the  exquisite little shrine, not helped by my truly woeful photography skills and wonky placement of the candles.


There were so many tempting things in the box and I wanted to possess all the RA items, so it was hard choosing.

But  I didn’t think twice about grabbing a new addition to my Christmas tree, the Gisbauble.

And I couldn’t part with the postcards of the shrines, in particular the shiny images of Messrs Gisborne, Porter and Dolarhyde.img_20190126_183252

I love the little details such as the stamp on the back and the RA quote, “My recipe for life? Treat others as you would want to be treated. And lots of chocolate ice cream.


It would have been greedy taking more RA stuff so I chose this little notebook as it appeals to the old Goth in me.

It will be time soon to send the box on its way, and it does contain a few more items than the official three, as I kept spotting things that caught my eye or made me giggle. It’s been really good fun, being part of a link spreading RA joy around the world. Here’s to the next recipient – and apologies if she has to struggle to open the impenetrable box because of my over-cautious wrapping.

30 thoughts on “Make yourself at home, Flat Ritchie

  1. oooh, I love your post, dreamer. Thank you for writing it all up and putting some photos in there, too. I am glad to know that you had such fun with Flat Richie and that you found a few nice things that you liked and enjoyed. If the whole thing has made you laugh, then the mission has been accomplished. Thanks for taking part xx. Oh, and I will blog about Flat Richie’s stop at your house, now, too.

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  2. So glad you liked the socks and candle!! I definitely know your feeling of taking care of the gerbil I felt like that too until I knew Richie had reached you safely!! There were soo many wonderful things in there so I can empathize w you on picking just three! Excellent choices by the way!! Those postcards were quite tempting!! Wonderful blog post !! 😘❤️❤️👏👏👍

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      1. One of my favorite words is adorabibblebobble, so there’s further proof of our being kindred spirits. Very glad for hear that you had such a good time with Flat Richie!

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      2. Lord only knows what sounds would come from my mouth if I ever met RA. Some combination of gibberish, giggling and hyperventilating.

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  3. The Gisbauble was one of the things that I’d been so tempted to get. 😀 At last I chose Thorin’s candy dispenser because I had some transparent baubles at home so I could always make my own Gizzy decorations, while I would never find another Candy-Thorin 😀

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  4. Je vous envie, mon sapin de Noël n’est pas encore démonté et mes vœux de bonne année auraient eu besoin de belles enveloppes. Bon voyage Flat Richie!

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  5. A lovely blog post! Wasn’t that journal beautiful? I hope that when it makes its way back to Guylty she will share all of the messages. You made all great choices. Those postcards and guybauble are fabulous & I’m happy you liked the little black notepad.

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