Favourite Richard Armitage ‘In Character’ Images

In her recent Armitage Weekly Round Up, Guylty included a Tumblr  post from Fizzy Custard  of  favourite R.A. ’in character’ pics. Guylty asked ’Which are yours?’
There was a flurry of responses with gorgeous examples of the captured Richard Armitage:
Guylty’s own favourites
There may be more that I’ve missed.

So here’s my small selection of the Armitage characters I have lassoed and dragged to my lair. It veers off from the theme because I’ve included some screenshots, as these are some of my favourite stills of RA. I am also incapable of choosing just one of each. He is simply such an extraordinarily good-looking man who manages to look stunning in so many guises and somehow I seem to have hoarded over 4000 images of the man over the years.

Some characters are under represented here not because I like their look less, in fact they are some of my favourites, Mr Thornton, John Porter, Raymond de Merville, but because a static image doesn’t capture a shiver-inducing eye-glide or narrowing squint, glowering look or brooding head-turn. Others, like Guy, Lucas and Daniel equally make portraits of beauty.

Favourites also change with my mood but the following images consistently take my breath – and stop my heart –  the brooding, the bad and the beardless.

First up, insolent leather-clad Ricky Deeming. In one scene his look changes from a youthful and beautiful Burne-Jones-like fallen angel  to  an older knowing rather depraved looking individual, who is just as lovely.

Richard Armitage. Netgg42Image credit to the incomparable Abi and her amazing archive at richardarmitage.net.

Next Mr T.  There are not many stills of John Thornton in my collection for the reasons given above but if I have to choose two …

IMG_20171010_072500So often Armitage is shot with his face half in shadow and with the light shining on his magnificent left orb.

Credit: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/hindouxmichelin/north-south-s%C3%A9rie/
The light catches his face by a window as if painted by Vermeer.

Now some Gizz porn. Guy oh Guy – what to choose? You naughty leather-clad man.

Pic 1: Exhausted, mean, sardonic, dissolute and devastatingly good-looking

Credit: BBC.
Pic 2: Bad, bad, and beauty rising

Credit https://meandrichard.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/guyhorse.jpg
Pic 3: Has anyone looked more impossibly beautiful and noble? No? I didn’t think so.

As for Lucas …

Credit: BBC
Pic 1: I love his clear eyes, light and almost greenish in the Russian sun, the scornful look and disdainful smile – all the qualities of a handsome roguish hero.

Pic 2: One of my all-time favourites, from Series 9, Episode 2. There is something about him in this scene that struck me like a thunderbolt. It crystalises his unearthly beauty, there is his confident manner, the slight bitter smile and intense direct way he holds the eyes. His stillness. Gush.

Pic 3: Just for the opportunity to see Lucas close-up, pore to pore, and his becoming little frown.

John Porter next. Only one pic, although he is one of my favourite characters.
There is  something about him being animated,  as when he is tied on the cross and slowly moves his head, that just gets me. But  I love this cool look, his eyes just mean slits. The South African sun brought out a new quality in his eyes.

This is the honorary beard picture. Nearly all his other incarnations here are without that beastly appendage. I’m slightly mystified how people. fell for Richard Armitage through Thorin, what with his furry eyebrows, false nose, forehead and big beard, without knowing what gorgeous-ness lay beneath.  But he did have his moments, a penetrating look, a majestic head toss.tumblr_niug7bARb91sqzjkdo1_500
My favourite image was in the trailer for BOFA, which I’ve not been able to find in the film,  he looks blanched, bedraggled and bewildered but I love the fervent look in his eye.

Oh I suppose he is not bad here.

And one more bearded-pic,  John Proctor.Credit: Jay Brooks
This is isn’t one of my favourite RA character looks (blame the  beard). I’m including it here because his stare is so searingly powerful, intense and he has a look of such disdain that I feel discomforted looking him in the eye but it appeals to my masochist leanings.

I wouldn’t want to meet Francis Dolarhyde in real life but Mr Evil captivates me as a fantasy drool. Apart from always being drawn to the bad character, like a moth to a flame, from an early age, I’m not sure why Mr D appeals to me so much because he was so difficult to see in the murky Hannibal but these are my three favourites ..001
Pic 1: Evil but sexy. RA’s  powerful acting is evident by the sickness he conveys in those thrillingly chilling eyes.

Pic 2: Evilly stupendous and supremely  controlled in zipped-up leather.

Pic 3: It seems perverse that one of my favourites pics shows my beloved RA  slaughtered in character but I am mesmerised by the beauty of this image, not least because of the flashes of flesh shown.

Berlin Station left a lot to be desired but not with Daniel Miller in series one. Clean-shaven (natch) and the noir-ish quality of the cinematography  produced dazzling  supreme Armitage and I have high hopes for The Stranger, as he seems to have a similar look. I simply can’t pick just one of these four.DsqeJ9VX4AANZIwPic 1:  This image fascinates me: his defeated, past- caring insouciance, his man-spreading, the flaunted crotch. He just looks so cool – his watchful nemesis, Mr Cat, makes me laugh too.

7cf100ec3f702eb7b533cd602ccea1dePic 2He really suits a car, don’t he?

Pic 3:  I have a bit of a love- hate relationship with the up-turned collar. On one hand it looks affected but on the other, he looks so good. Again the shadows, black hair and one beautiful lit eye make a noir hero.

Pic 4: Smoking hot, oh god, slain. Any of the stills from this scene showing lounging, laconic RA in black trousers, smoking, would do.

And my very favourite pic of all time. I know he is not playing that sort of character but he is in character of some sort.Credit: David VenniThud

*I apologise if I’ve used any images without permission. I will credit where I can but I have no idea where some originated from. Please let me know if I have used any of your images and I will either remove them or credit.





12 thoughts on “Favourite Richard Armitage ‘In Character’ Images

  1. The words and eloquence that you put into this post just inspires me!! From your alliteration (always my fav) to the flaunted crotch to insouciance to noir hero to man spreading to evilly stupendous to his nemesis Mr Cat I could go on and on. I love Proctor and now Raymond for the beardage and the hunky chunky look and the intensity perhaps down the road I’ll win you over although I won’t persist! 😉
    Thank you Jane for a beautiful and stunning trip down Richard lane 😘👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Michelle, what lovely words from a great writer, thank you, and I love your trip down Richard lane! I’m not really immune to Proctor and particularly not Raymond, who is sizzling hot. I’ll take any Armitage please.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ah I’m profusely blushing here you are so sweet. I picked up so many details here like a film reel of his works! I’m with Rachel on the checking my blood pressure as I just re read your lovely post again!! 😘❤️
        Raymond def has captured my heart right now. Just something about the way he looks tonight! 😉🤗🛡🌸🥰

        Liked by 1 person

  2. bloody hell! (excuse my language) but you’re chosen some right corkers there!
    the first pic of Ricky is stunning and then the 2nd pic of Thornton is utterly spell binding!
    Dan Miller in the car looks perfect whilst Dolerhyde in the car looks bad but good even though he’s bad… lol
    best not check my blood pressure right now!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Some lovely choices here! Ricky is spellbinding, Thornton and Lucas can do no wrong in my book (visually, that is!) but my favourite of all is Porter with his eyes narrowed. I loved that whole episode. Thanks!


  4. I totally have to agree with all of your choices, Dreamer!!! So many good shots, and I am glad you have included the screen shots, too. Some of my favourite RA images are actually screen shots, and they do work as pictures in their own right.
    I loved how you put this: ” impossibly beautiful and noble” – somehow that really resonates with me, especially as Guy usually does not get associated with these qualities.
    It’s great that you included some Daniel Miller in there – his latest role. I tend to ignore Daniel. Unfairly, because it’s actually not his looks I have issues with, but the show he appears in…
    In any case, thanks for sharing your personal favourites with us. Love this post!!


    1. Thanks Guylty. These pics always cause me to catch my breath. What an ordeal it was having to stare at them all for this blog! I was so relieved and excited by the first pictures of Daniel, to know that the RA I fell for was still there.

      Liked by 1 person

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