Richard Armitage Blog Reunion Day

I feel like an interloper by participating in this celebration. I’ve only been blogging for two years and even then it has been a lazy, mostly reactive, effort. But I am a long-term Richard Armitage adorer who has lurked on blogs for many years before dipping my toes into blogging.

I want to acknowledge the bloggers who over the years have informed, entertained, inspired, provoked and supported me and fellow fans. During difficult times Armitage World (Oasis?) has provided respite, not just because of our staggeringly beautiful wonderful muse but also due to the fantastic bloggers who share this space. Thanks lovelies, past and present …

All Things Armitage

Ancient Armitage

Armitage Agonistes

Armitage Fan Blog


Guylty Pleasure

Me and Richard

Mezzmerized by Richard

More Than Thornton



Nowhere in ParticularRA

I’m Feeling This

Preoccupied With Armitage

Richard Armitage Central

Richard Armitage Online

Richard Armitage Netboth old and new versions!

The Armitage Effect

The Book of Esther

Zees Muse

Not to mention some of my fellow newer kids on the blog …

The M Files

My Dearest Louise

Tea Powered Crafting

I know there are people that I’ve forgotten, which is really bugging me. But you are included in my gratitude.

Thank you all! 

And thank you to our sun around which we orbit


27 thoughts on “Richard Armitage Blog Reunion Day

  1. Jane I’m the interloper not you!!!
    I’m so glad you are here and blog when the muse or clean shaven Armi Barmi in crisp white shirt calls you to jot your thoughts down. I’m so happy you and Rachel (who’s finally blogging go Rachel) and Esther and Sue and Herba and Kelly are all here
    Bless you all!! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Interloper? No way, you have been in this much longer than I have, and just because you didn’t blog until much later doesn’t mean you have “no right”. I love reading the memories of fans who have been in this for longer than I have. (Had a much longer comment here but censored it because I don’t want to abuse your platform as a battleground.) Suffice to say that I am glad you followed Nat’s invitation. Today has felt almost like the old days, with loads of posts appearing on the same day. Ahhh, the fun we had.

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    1. It is a wonderful idea and it has been great to see that people are still around, that they have just been weaving their baskets in various places. (Thanks for being considerate, although I have no problem with you abusing my platform – if that doesn’t sound like a euphemism!)


  3. I am so glad you posted! I hadn’t visited your blog before and now I can catch up on it and enjoy more RA goodness! 😊 Also, thank you for including links to so many other blogs, especially the new ones. I am out of the loop with those and excited to check them out.

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  4. I’m glad you decided to start your own blog, even if it did take me a long time to discover that you had! It was fun catching up with your posts.
    Thank you for the inclusion, although just posting pretty pictures of RA on Tumblr is an easy way to blog lol


  5. Thank you for the mention, J!!
    It hadn’t occurred to me to do anything for this since I am new to the fandom and the blogosphere so not reuniting with anyone 😢 and such a bad infrequent blogger now. I

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    1. Well, that went to soon. I just wanted to add that I enjoyed our collective blogging experience with Guylty after RDC5. It must have been great for all the legacy bloggers back when they had events and projects in common as well. And to revive that for a day must have felt very happy indeed.

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      1. Yes, it was such fun, wasn’t it?, and it prolonged the amazing experience of RDC5. I re-read them all again in Feb. There certainly were many more RA bloggers back in the day, each with their own style and take on the man, it is good to see that many haven’t vanished into thin air.

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    2. No I wasn’t sure about marking the event either. I really enjoy your blogs, Kate, so I hope there are a few more up your sleeves, although I’m a fine one to talk being a bad blogger!

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