Shy Richard Armitage lurker lured out by Guylty’s A to Z challenge

Guylty's Fan A to Z

And rather late …

Part One

A. How expensive has RA been so far? I dread to think how much I have spent. It must be over £1000, although some of it has been for good causes and this makes me feel better (although not much).

B. Which character is RA most like? Which is he most unlike? The obvious choice would be Harry in the Vicar of Dibley but in this he reminds me disturbingly of Harry Potter.

Richard Armitage in the Vicar of Dibley, BBC
Harry Potter

So I’ll say the other Claude, Monet, instead for their shared creativity, focus, and possible single-minded absorption in their craft.  To me he is least like Thorin (physically at least) due to his stature, walk and general hairiness, also in his love of gold.

C. Name a book that RA should star in a film in. I’m still seething that he didn’t play Poldark, as it would be my ultimate fantasy to see him in a tricorn hat. He would be a great Rochester and perhaps Dracula. A master of disguise like Sherlock Holmes (he has the profile) or Balsac’s Vautrin would be great opportunities to show his range (sorry, I can rarely pick one choice).

D. Which of his selfies is your favourite? I’m not fond of his shiny selfies, they look like an alien’s replication of RA and not like himself. These two are my favourites, if  I have to pick one (or two):

Richard Armitage selfies

E. Which of RA’s audio characters should he play in a film? I love a bad Armitage, so Robert Lovelace in Clarissa.

F. Name a play that you wish he would do? He would be fantastic as Macbeth or Agamemnon but I would love to see him play the lead with a sly malevolence in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui –  although he’s probably too tall.

G. How long have you been in the fandom and how has your attitude changed? I’ve been besotted with RA since N&S in 2004 but didn’t really engage much with social media for about two years (partly as I was in denial). Since then I’ve been a terrible lurker in the fandom for most of it, occasionally contributing an odd comment then scuttling back under my rock. I was weaned on then and enjoy the wonderful blogs by Guylty, Servetus and Perry and am indebted to them and others for all their tireless posting of news and contributions. The size of his fandom seemed overwhelming before but it just feels smaller now (or less vocal) and this has given me the confidence to reach out more.

H. How has your attitude to RA changed? Apart from the first intoxication of new desire, and subsequent futile attempts to suppress it, my feelings for him are weirdly as strong as ever, albeit with the occasional dips in focus and then heightening awareness. I keep expecting these feelings to lessen but they haven’t so far – he feels woven into my fibre. I’ve grown to realise what a truly fine actor he is, which I didn’t appreciate in the early days, and this has added another level to my fascination. I do feel that with all his ceaseless audio work, instead of providing visual stimulation, and his semi-permanent attachment to the beard – which is not a favourite of mine – that I’m looking back more, rather than forward for my fix. That said, I’m always excited and relieved when a new picture appears where he looks stunning, e,g. wearing  the white shirt in the Lost Daughters interview.

Their Lost Daughters interview
Present beauty

And I still tingle when I see ‘Armitage Shanks’ on wash basins.

I. What made you come out as a fan and participate in the fandom? In a word, Guylty! She was very kind when I contacted her about tracing a photograph of me meeting RA (more in the next post) and this blog contribution to her A to Z challenge is my longest and most open participation. Twitter has also encouraged me. I just feel that I don’t care anymore what people think, my obsession doesn’t seem to be going away, it makes me happy and has supported me crucially in hard times – so I want to share it with similarly fascinated people.

J. Are you outed as a fan with friends and family? A couple of my friends know, due to my insistence that they watched a ‘children’s programme’ (Robin Hood) in total silence when they were staying on separate occasions. My son and partner would have been astonishingly unobservant not to notice a particular theme, over time,  with the accumulating DVDs, the missing pages from magazines and my programme/film choices. My sister and brother know but curiously several really close friends don’t. I’ve never been able to own up, partly through embarrassment, and it would be weird now to tell them, as I’ve kept it from them for so long. This blog is the first time I’ve articulated my feelings about RA to anyone, apart from lusty phoarrrs.

Lucas North
Lusty phoarrrs

Do let me know if I have used any of your images and I will either remove it or credit.

Part  Two to follow …

17 thoughts on “Shy Richard Armitage lurker lured out by Guylty’s A to Z challenge

  1. So happy you are blogging again!
    The beard on him is woven into my fabric 😂😂 and I really didn’t like beards on men before Richard
    I had to Google a couple of references above. I always learn new things from you! ❤️
    I’m very grateful to the fandom for introducing me to some fabulous kind compassionate and terribly smart women you included!
    My fav answers you gave are F and
    H wise advice ❤️❤️🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OOh, love it, Dreamer. Thanks for revisiting this fan challenge. (It’s sort of the time of year for it, as I always seem to come up in the early part of a year with a challenge like that. I suspect, though, that I never even finished mine…) And thank you also for your kind mention of me 😚.
    B. I think RA himself has said that he is most like Harry, so you were not far off the bat there.
    C. I really like your suggestion of Rochester for a part for RA to play. Luckily Rochester isn’t the fresh-faced hero, so even in his middle age RA would still make a fine, scowling, mysterious lord of the manor.
    (D. I hate that car selfie with a passion 😂 – but I can see how it fits into *your* preference for the bad boy/villain *hehe*)
    H. This really resonated with me (and is also extremely nicely put, like an aphorism in itself) “I’m looking back more, rather than forward for my fix”. Me too. And I do wonder why that is. I don’t think that his early roles were so much better than what he is getting offered nowadays (especially as he now has a well-established name, which he didn’t necessarily have then). But some of it for me is actually motivated by possibly *knowing* too much of the man (within the confines of what he discloses about himself), and so the old days and the old roles hold more romantic promise, somehow…
    Looking forward to part 2!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am embarrased to say that this is an old post! I have finally taken up the pen again to write something on Space Sweepers, and for some reason this old post was in my draft. I hoped it would just update, rather than publish and send alerts! Anyway, thanks for commenting. Bar, Adam, I just think he was sexier in past roles, plus, we have to fight through all the facial foliage more nowadays!


      1. ROFL – you have put your finger on it. I didn’t realise it myself but you are spot on. It’s that abominable beard of horror that keeps popping up everywhere. I mean, come on, hair and make-up artists, you can do better. Give the man an edgy stubble. It’s the perfect compromise for beard haters and beard lovers.
        Glad you hadn’t thrown out this draft yet. I really enjoyed going through your replies.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. This weird. I can see Guylty’s comments in my email but not here.

    Anyway, great to read this! Glad you “came out,” so to speak. Thanks for the kind words.

    I don’t want to think about how much money this hobby has cost (I did keep track in the early days and wondered if I were quite sane, the week I bought the region-free DVD player). After two trips to London!

    I like that “George Michael” selfie, too. I still wish we could see that realized (or hear the recording of him screaming out “Radio Ga Ga”) but I imagine it won’t happy now.

    I wish he would do some Brecht, too. That’s a great thought and one that I hadn’t turned over in my mind in quite a while. Although after last year he could maybe do some more Chekhov — seemed to suit him well.

    In terms of “looking back for the fix,” I can sympathize with that. I spend a lot of time with Thorin Oakenshield on my screen and in my thoughts although to some extent the character in my mind has grown beyond Armitage’s interpretation of him. I think what’s changed for me is that while earlier I would watch anything and squee over it, I am now less interested in projects that I know wouldn’t float my boat if he weren’t in them. (That said, the last two and a half years have been so different from the rest of my life up till now that I don’t always recognize myself, either.)

    I had to laugh about forcing your friends to watch RH in silence. That is totally the kind of thing I would do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The mysteries of WordPress! This was an old post that for some reason was in my drafts (I must have edited a comma or something). Who knows why it was re-posted, rather than updated. Thanks for your comments anyway. I sincerely hope we get to hear ‘Radio Ga Ga’ by RA one day. It is amazing really that Armitage is still a constant, as we change – particularly for you – although I certainly do not rush to listen to many of his audiobooks now.

      Liked by 1 person

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