Lost in Space Sweepers

As spring cleaning is in the air I’m sweeping away the cobwebs from this space with a few random and superficial thoughts about Space Sweepers, with the emphasis on Richard Armitage who plays another dislikeable James – this time, Sullivan.

Warning! There may be small spoilers.

Even though dystopian sci-fi isn’t my favourite genre, Space Sweepers is good-natured fun and the special-effects are impressive (although I am easily impressed by special effects – split screens and double-exposures still cause my jaw to drop). The leads, Kim Tae-ri, Song Joong-Ki and Jin Seon-Kyu, are likeable, the cast is diverse and the film contains Richard Armitage! And bad Armitage – my favourite – although he tried hard to repel with the hated beard, glasses and slacks. @emilmure has a point.

Extremely attractive in the dark shirt though.

 Nice jacket-thing though.

I often don’t enjoy the presence of children in films, e.g.  they often don’t act well (understandably) or their performances are irritating and I don’t like being manipulated by cutesey-ness. Dorothy, the little girl/robot, on the other hand is endearing and it was a clever idea having her as a bomb. But, boy oh boy, what has she been eating? Her digestive/bladder problems need to be sorted out. I can’t remember the last time farting children appeared in a film, thankfully it is a rarity, nor when a child wore make-up, which is a no-no in the UK nowadays thankfully.

Is it me or is everyone in South-Korean Space Sci-fi movies getting younger? Even RA , at 152, looks youthful.

On the down-side, Space Sweepers is over long and there was much that was unexplained and confusing e.g. the ship, Victory, sometimes seemed to be in space then on Earth then in space – or maybe I just wasn’t interested enough generally to follow. The leads were fine but some of the acting by the supporting cast was toe-curlingly bad. On that note, some of the reviews described Richard Armitage’s performance as ‘hammy’. I have scrutinised his acting for many years and have rarely heard this said before (and hardly ever agreed with it then). If anything he under acts, which makes his emoting all the more intense when it happen. Armitage under plays menace so well too, his seductive murmurs so much more effective than ranting.  So I don’t agree now that it is hammy in Space Sweepers. Unless they meant like John Hamm – with similar cursed beard and glasses.

RA plays it just the way an evil gardening megalomaniac should be played and, as one review described him, as ‘Overacting to precisely the right degree’. His Bond would have been (would be?) fantastic but so would be his evil nemesis (perhaps he could play both as Bond’s evil twin). James Sullivan will have to do in the meantime.

Beauty and the Beard.

RA inhabits his characters. The performance is studied. His walk and stance are different for this film. Sullivan’s stride is slow, relaxed, confident – sexy. His stance, on the other hand is nerdish, repressed and boyish with his thighs pressed together. There are no nervous tics, e.g. throat grabbing and rapid swallowing.

 The unexplained veins that come and go, willy-nilly on James Sullivan’s face, mimic the sudden appearance of dragon-fire marks on Thranduil’s in The Hobbit.


My favourite line in Space Sweepers:

 Look what comes of finger-wagging, Armitage!

Finally, in my hasty notes for this blog, I wrote ‘Enprmpus’.  I had no idea what this was supposed to mean and it has puzzled me for ages. It has now dawned on me – enormous.

All hail the god-like Armitage.

Thanks for reading.

30 thoughts on “Lost in Space Sweepers

  1. Love this review, especially as it is spoiler free and I still haven‘t seen the film.
    Beauty and the beard made me laugh out loud. I might have to steal that for a shrine!

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  2. Lol great review though I just didn’t find him at all attractive in this…evil nerd! Lol

    I think the vein thing is due to his unnatural age and the fact he has many mechanical body parts as shown when he has the body scan.

    Dorothy was excellent. So cute and a proper kid with the fortune thing…which I think was also was a plot device to show her identity x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I agree with you on most points. I loved the little girl — yes I can live without the farts, but her bodily functions really were essential to the story. I have to say that I couldn’t find Armitage attractive here, but I did think his acting was excellent.

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  4. I’m gonna pass on this movie. I’ll keep raving about My Zoe and how fantastic he was in that movie!
    If Rachel wants to rewatch I’ll do that with her (😉) then I’ll get what the golden nugget reference means but he looks just as creepy here as he did in The Lodge and sci-fi not my cup of tea
    Great post though. So glad you are blogging again
    Your word age is so sweet and funny ❤️❤️😘


    1. “So glad you are blogging again Armidreamer.” too.
      I am inclined to agree with Michele; except I shall not watch it again.
      Not my cup of tea, difficult to understand, no more mesmerized by such artificial madk?e up face…
      no enough leisure time to watch such a …movie, becoming a more and more buzzy bee with vaccines and so on.

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    2. Thanks Michele, it was fun to be writing again about RA. I don’t think there are any golden nuggets in the film! I meant that it was hard to find anything attractive about Sullivan but, like mining for gold, there are a few rare gold nuggets of attractiveness, I think Rachel then referred to the cereal Golden Nuggets, which makes me laugh!

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      1. Ahh that went right over my head about the cereal 😂😂and I will wholeheartedly agree this beard look on him is not great but I’m happy for him if he had fun making the movie and exploring a different genre
        I’ve heard Parasite is very good so I am curious about that movie

        Liked by 1 person

      2. the windmills of my mind took me to golden balls tbf! and that close up of his crotch that many people got excited about! lmao


      3. LOL! I was way off mark there, thinking of breakfast cereals! I still haven’t noticed that crotch shot and won’t see Golden Nuggets (cereal) in the same light again (mind you, they are far smaller than they were when I was young).

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  5. I still mean to watch this one but haven’t been in the mood for scifi of late. Thanks, though, for all the pictures and your impressions! It intrigues me that he moves different in this one, that may be the biggest draw for me to actually go on and finally watch it – I love when Richard does something different with his (bodily) expressions.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember he really surprised me in Hannibal as Francis Dolarhyde, his movement and acting in that was very different too. I will in time get around to this. 🙂

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