Your Favourite – a difficult challenge

Michele has set a fun Q &A on her blog, which has been a great distRAction. Rachel took up the challenge with gusto over at hers. Update! Nokisuu has joined in the fun here.  And so has Esther here. This is my contribution but don’t expect many sensible or answers without drool! It is difficult also to choose favourites where Richard Armitage is concerned.

Your favorite John and why:

1 Thornton

2 Proctor

3 Porter

4 Standring

Answer: Portah!

Need I say why? (John Bateman is another favourite along with Thornton.)

2 Your favorite Richard action movie and why:
Answer: I was going to go with Pilgrimage but, thinking about it, all three Hobbit movies because they showed Richard’s range, action prowess and there was so much of him on screen (despite being hidden behind facial foliage).

Your favorite pairing of Richard and ____
Answer: I love seeing Richard sparking and sparring with someone so Guy of Gisborne and the Sheriff is my favourite pairing.

Richards best trait is his ________
Answer: Sneaking in two answers, his quietness combined with his humour. In his acting, his intensity – that’s three answers.

What one question would you ask Richard about his roles up to now?
Answer: What was the incident from your real life that was used in The Stranger?

6. If Richard ask you to dinner and where to eat what type of restaurant would you take him to?
Answer: I immediately thought of the scene in Tom Jones where they are lasciviously eating oysters and chicken legs. So I would say dinner in a hotel, with breakfast in bed – after.

What song comes to mind to describe his acting career?
Answer: Sunburn by Muse

Not all the lyrics apply but the song suits how I see his acting: like the sun, scorching, blazing and intense.


Sun god.

What board game would you play with Richard during another lockdown?
Answer: As strip-poker isn’t a board game, I’ll choose chess as I like the idea of RA as adversary.

What two fandom items would you give to Richard as tokens of appreciation?
Answer: It would be hard to part with anything and I think fandom items would have more meaning for me than to him. I suppose something like the Flat Ritchie journal or the Hannibal book where lots of us had contributed.

10 Complete this sentence: “Richard you are the ________ to my __________.
Answer: Richard you are the blood to my veins.


14 thoughts on “Your Favourite – a difficult challenge

  1. Ahhh these are fabulous just the right tinge of humor and cheekiness and sincerity ❤️
    Pilgrimage : snarling, sex on a horse, French speaking , bulging muscles, beardage for me, love of animals and what he could do with that armor!!
    Thank you for answering and reblogging( right term??) ❤️❤️
    Muse oh yeah!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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