Your Favourite – a greater challenge!

Michele has set some more thought-provoking, and rather fiendish questions, all about Richard Armitage, on her blog. They really were food for thought. Esther rose to the challenge here and Rachel here.

Here goes!

Part one is here:

1. You get one day with Richard what would your itinerary consist of?

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2. What book adaptation would you pitch to Richard to star in and why?
Poldark  – out of the way callow young pretender, Aiden!
I do like RA wicked so maybe Dracula too or despicable Victor Constant in Sepulchre by Kate Mosse.

3. Richard has a charitable heart what cause is near and dear to you that you would ask Richard to support?
Shelter (which RA supports anyway). It is a basic human requirement.

4. What flaw of Richard’s would you like to see him work on?
His goody two-shoes sanctimony. The first part is a virtue but it isn’t part of my fantasy, and that is what my relationship with him is and where he can be a baddy bad-shoes. I really don’t need him preaching and wagging his finger.

Capture James 2

Which of these ill fated characters did you relate to and why?

  1. Lucas North
  2. Raymond De Merville
  3. Daniel Miller
  4. Thorin Oakenshield

I don’t really relate to any of them, perhaps Lucas because he is uncomfortable in his own skin. I probably relate more to Chop, Monet, Francis even (as an outsider) not the murdering aspect – although there is a huge Red Dragon tattoo on my back.

6.  In a scavenger hunt the end destination is your home what three clues would you give Richard to find you?

A. The long trail of chocolate wrappers leading to my door.
B. An excess of wine/ gin bottles in the recycling bin.
C. My Siren song luring him to my lair.

7.  What three words would you describe your interest in a fandom?
Camaraderie, fun and RA info.

8. John Thornton embodies …

Glower and smoulder (even if that sounds like a firm of solicitors).

9. What’s your favourite item of clothing that Richard wears?
He looks so good in so much!

Credit: BBC.
Guy in leather. Armitage in leather.

His Spooks and Hannibal jackets.

The Berlin Station great coat and The Stranger bomber jacket.


Naked apart from the black trousers undone at the top… I could go on and on.

10 Complete this sentence:

“I’m a Richard Armitage fan because he________________”

I could give a more high-minded answer but in truth it’s because I fancy the pants off him.  All his other attributes are the icing on the cake, the cherries on the top.

Thanks Michele for the fun challenge!


19 thoughts on “Your Favourite – a greater challenge!

  1. Love it! 👍🏻 Personally I can’t give answers to most of the questions (too many possible answers🤓) but I know for sure that I would love to see Richard as Poldark. I read the books many years ago and Richard was the only Poldark I imagined. I couldn’t watch the new series 🤷‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. As much as I wanted to see Richard as Poldark, I confess I loved the series with Aidan Turner. I desperately want to see him as Dr Grey in The Jane Austen Society. Even the author herself pictured him in the role iirc.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I watched the new Poldark too! I can’t resist 18th dramas and a man in a tricorn hat. Let’s hope for RA as Dr Grey, how incredible that would be for the author. (I so wanted RA as Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches too .) Let’s face it, Richard simply must be in every drama!

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  2. I love your answers and the presentation especially question 1 no words needed ! Very clever
    Red dragon tattoo on your back 😜😉❤️
    He’ll follow the chocolate and wine/gin bottles straight to your bedroom ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lol, great fun! was chatting to a lass at work today who said she would have loved RA as The Witcher because he played Thorin so well. I remember you saying in London that you wish he’d played Poldark-personally i’m pretty happy with how Aidan Turner did it (same with Cavill for The Witcher!lol)
    i love that basically all your answers are RA as bad boy! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rachel! Yeah, some fans REALLY wanted RA as The Witcher. It was unfamiliar to me so I wasn’t bothered – and prefer RA with dark hair (although white would be interesting). I love a bad Armitage, me!

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  4. Découvrir votre monde cinématographique Poldark, The Witcher est surprenant car très éloigné du mien. Cela montre la diversité des goûts, des sujetts d’intérêt dans le fandom.
    Je suis heureuse que vous avez repris la souris pour créer des articles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Squirrel, Michele is to blame (!) for me taking up the mouse this time! I shall have to watch The Witcher. I loved the first Poldark in the seventies and really enjoyed the second one, it was just a missed opportunity for RA.


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